Tips For Buying Engagement Rings

Proposing to the woman of your dreams will be one of the happiest moments of your life, but there are a lot of things to plan in devising the perfect proposal, the first of which is finding the perfect engagement ring. Read on to learn the leading guidelines to keep in mind when looking at engagement rings.

Ask for Help

 No one expects you to automatically be an expert on diamond rings, so don’t hesitate to tap into your resources. If you want the proposal to be a surprise, your girlfriend’s friends and family are a wonderful place to start. They’re the most likely people to know what kind of metal your girlfriend prefers, diamond size and style, and they can even help you narrow down the ring size. Have a sister or friend ask to try on one of your lady’s rings and then go from there to find the right size.

Be a Detective

 It’s important not to just rely on others for help; pay attention to your girlfriend’s likes and dislikes in terms of jewelry. What kind of jewelry does she wear on a day-to-day basis? Does she wear a lot of gold jewelry or does she prefer platinum? Has she expressed an interest in gemstones other than diamonds, such as sapphires?

How Much Should You Spend?

 We’ve all heard the standard, “you have to spend two month’s salary on the engagement ring.” But the truth is, you need to consider what fits your girlfriend’s lifestyle. Does she like flashy jewelry or is she more comfortable with subtle jewelry? What kind of work does she do and what are her hobbies? If she’s in a really hands-on line of work or likes to go rock climbing, that will factor considerably into what kind of ring you should buy.

You Need to Invest More than Just Money

 A lot of women don’t just want a big flashy engagement ring; they want something that truly represents themselves. Invest some time into shopping around for the perfect ring. It’s more important to focus on her style and personality than it is to find the biggest diamond to put on her finger.

 If All Else Fails

 If all else fails and you REALLY don’t know what kind of ring to get your girlfriend, consider proposing first and then shopping for the ring afterwards. It is not uncommon for couples to go shopping for engagement rings together these days. Today we see many brides-to-be come to our store to choose her three favorite styles and the rest is a surprise. Just know that if you do it this way you have to make the proposal really special.

Your girlfriend and future wife’s engagement ring is a symbol of love and commitment, so you’ll want to be sure that she loves it. Follow these tips and you’ll have lots of fun shopping for engagement rings!

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