Michael Bublé Is Getting Ready For Wedding Numero Dos

Michael Buble Celebrity WeddingThe “I just haven’t met you yet” singer is getting ready for his second wedding with wife Lusiana Loreley Lopilato de la Torre, this time in his home country of Canada with his closest friends and family.

Less than a month ago, Buble and Lopilato got married in her native country, Argentina, in a mansion outside of Buenos Aires.
According to People, the couple and their families danced until 7 am and plan on doing it all over again.

After their three week honeymoon, the couple needed another vacation –from each other.
“If I look like I’m content, it’s because she’s been in Argentina for a week and I’ve been [in Canada],” he says, with a laugh. “We love each other so much, we totally need a break. … By the end [of the honeymoon], you want to kill each other.”  All Joking aside, the singer admits they are both happy.

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  1. Alen B. says:

    Best wishes for their happily married life. 🙂

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