You Made The Decision To Make It a Forever Story, You Asked For Her Hand In Marriage, Bought That Diamond Ring She Has Been Dropping Hints About… Now What?

I am no expert, but I can certainly help you brain storm on how make that proposal special, so here it goes.

Romantic Proposal at Eifffel TowerWhatever it is that you do, she will remember this moment for the rest of her life. Why not make it special and unique? From simple to expensive, funny or romantic, improvised or planned – one thing is certain, the more thoughtful, the better.

There are literally millions of places where an engagement can be special, so think of something that goes along with her personality. If she is an introvert, I would recommend “Popping the question” somewhere private where no one is around to presence this moment. If she is more of an extrovert, you can pop the big Q anywhere.

During a romantic trip to a beach you can find time for a stroll at sunset. This option doesn’t involve much planning or effort, but it is certainly romantic and thoughtful.

If she loves traveling and you can afford it, go somewhere neither one of you has been and propose at a famous spot. You may think this is cliché, but proposing in front of the Eiffel tower may be one of the most romantic spots in the world.

Lady and the Tramp Romantic DinnerDoes she consistently drop hints about wanting you to cook dinner for her? Maybe this is the perfect moment to WOW her by cooking her favorite meal. She will appreciate your effort by pleasing her with dinner, and it can be extremely romantic if candles and roses are involved.

Now for the least introvert type girl, you can make it an out-of-a-movie moment by proposing somewhere public like a stadium, concert, family reunion, a theme park and so on. If she doesn’t mind all eyes being on her, this will be the perfect moment for her.

Whether you do it in private or public, I recommend having the people close to her around so she can celebrate and share that special moment. So good luck, and let the brainstorming commence!

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